Car Wrapping in Nairobi

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  • No paint at all
  • Faster and as permanent as you want it to be.
  • Durable and you can have it removed when you wish
  • Can be done in bits or parts of the car.
  • Does not damage the original  colour of  your ride.


Car Wrapping in Nairobi

The era of painting your car to change the colour is long gone.

Car Wrapping

You bought a plain silver or blue ride and you wish to transform it to another colour?Well they is a solution for you.

You do have to go to the garage and have some mechanics scratch the existing colour and repaint it.

Why go through that pain,hassle just to change the colour of your car?click here to watch some celebs having their cars wrapped on you tube .click here.

Car Wrapping is the art of wrapping your car with the colour of your choice.

Take the Huddah’s pink ride for instance.It was initially a black ordinary ride till she had it wrapped with a pink wrapping.

Car Wrapping

You might be interested with the car due to its engine capability and not so much with the colour. Do not pass the chance of buying the ride of your dreams.Have it custom-ed wrapped.

Here are photos of some cars we have wrapped and before they were just ordinary.

Car Wrapping

This blue Subaru was just another Subaru until it was wrapped.

Turned into this beautiful monster.

Caption this pink ride for your lady.

Car Wrapping

sleek and classy ride in pink.

look at this beautifully wrapped MONSTER!

Car Wrapping

To contact us we have the following contact channels.

Kenya Cars Zone
Kiambu Road 24
Nairobi,  00900
Telephone: 0202400187
Telephone: 0716 675 294


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